Friday, July 14, 2017

EclipseCon Europe - Wouldn't it be cool to be on stage there?

I remember my first EclipseCon and how impressed I was by the quality of talks and the technical skills those speakers showed. Proposing a talk of my own was totally out of question.
A year later I thought: "proposing a talk does not harm, it will anyhow get rejected." So I spent 20 minutes on writing the proposal (took me 18 minutes to come up with a fancy title). Some months later I did my first talk at EclipseCon.

EclipseCon does have a lot of technical talks that require deep knowledge of certain aspects of eclipse. However often the most interesting talks are not even technical. I remember a talk from last year: Hearing and Feeling Eclipse - a story about how blind people experience and use our beloved IDE. It is also interesting how companies use Eclipse technology, how to overcome typical obstacles or ideas and proposals on how to improve Eclipse.

Such talks will attract developers and committers and introduce fresh ideas. Besides the audience is great, the spirit is awesome and it is perfect way to get in touch with people that work on similar topics.

Torkild wrote about the free tshirts you get, but he forgot about the beer and the band (which hopefully will also play this year).

So submit your talk right now. Its not a contract yet you have to fulfill, its a proposal :)

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