Thursday, May 12, 2016

EASE release, Community award & EclipseCon France

EASE v0.3.0 release

Today we shipped the brand new v0.3.0 release of EASE, your beloved scripting framework. Most important we improved the installation process for Jython as you do not need to know about external update sites anymore.

Code completion got introduced to help you browse your script objects and to improve coding speed. Completion proposals are provided for module functions, Java classes and even for some parameters (like file paths). In case you run eclipse from a JDK we also provide help popups for java methods.

Then we added a whole bunch of new commands to our modules to simplify your scripts. The Scripting module now provides means to exchange data between multiple script instances, the UI module got new methods to manipulate views and the brand new P2 module allows to install or update packages.

Of course we also had lots of bugfixes, if you are interested you may browse the complete list of changes.

Community Award

While the release might be the most important news for you, the development team is really proud of the Eclipse Community Award for the Most Innovative Project 2016.

It is a real honor that you, the community, rate this little project so high. While there seems to be quite some userbase using EASE, I have little knowledge of the adopters out there. I would love to read who you are and what you are using EASE for. If you got a minute left, please leave a comment to this blog entry.

EclipseCon France

In case you have no idea why this project might be innovative, meet us at EclipseCon France, where there will be several talks on EASE. I will be involved in 2 of them:

On Tuesday afternoon there will be a tutorial session EASE-ily Make the Most of Eclipse with Python, where we will do a lot of scripting (of course in Python). Besides scripts we will also look on how to integrate such scripts into the IDE and how to distribute them successfully.

On Thursday morning I will be giving a talk on the EASE framework itself, showing how to Elevate your IDE with scripts. We will see what scripting is capable of and I will give a sneak preview of the upcoming features for the 0.4 release. I will just say so much: your scripts never integrated so well and easily with your IDE.

While those talks are already worth going to EclipseCon, there is also tons of other interesting topics to investigate, so be there!

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