Thursday, July 30, 2015

EASE @ EclipseCon Europe 2015

This years EclipseCon will be very exciting for me. Not only was my talk proposal I love scripting accepted as an early bird pick, there are also other parties starting to propose talks concerning EASE.

I love to see this project start to fly and like to give you some insights and an outlook of what to expect at EclipseCon.

How it all began

I remember my first EclipseCon in 2012. I had this intriguing idea in my mind about a scripting framework in Eclipse, but no idea whom to talk to about it. By chance I met Wayne Beaton who offered help and encouraged me to find some interested parties to support my idea.

It took me almost a year to provide a prototype and start advertising this idea, but soon after my first post on this topic on this blog, Polarsys got interested and things started to move very quickly. In summer 2013 we agreed to introduce scripting (called EScript at that time) to the e4 incubator. Thanks to Paul Webster we got a nice place to play and learn about the eclipse way of working on a software project.

When the call for papers openend for EclipseCon Europe 2013 I thought 'What the hell' and sent a proposal for a talk on scripting. I never expected it to get accepted, but few months later I found myself talking about scripting at EclipseCon.

Encouraged by the positive feedback Arthur Daussy and myself worked hard on the implementation. Finally we moved out of the e4 incubator in 2014 and now you may install this great scripting environment in your IDE.

The role of EclipseCon

Meeting users, committers and eclipse staff members in person helped me a  lot  to make this project happen. In the beginning it was the encouragements and good advice I got from experienced members. Now I am looking forward to hear the user side, your success stories, your fresh ideas.

If you read this far you are definitely interested in scripting, so take the chance and meet me in person @ EclipseCon. If there is enough interest, we may have a BOF on scripting topics there. please leave me a note if you would like to see this happen.

I love scripting - what we will cover

This talk will give an overview what scripting can do for you and how you can implement it in your IDE or RCP. We will start to have a short look on the architecture (1%) and then immediately switch to a live demo (99%). There we will start with simple script commands, continue with Java integration and introduce scripting libraries. Next we will learn how to provide custom libraries for your RCP.

Once the basics are clear, we will start to extend the IDE with user scripts, start to write scripted unit tests and finally show rapid prototyping by dynamically instantiating java files from your workspace.

Expect a fast roller coaster ride through the features of EASE. I am sure you want more of it after your first ride!

see you at EclipseCon

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