Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buckminster qualifier replacement

Buckminster does not seem to be very active anymore. To build Eclipse products, update sites and similar have a look at my tycho tutorials. My Buckminster tutorials are no longer maintained and remein here as reference only.

When your Plug-ins and features use a .qualifier in the version string, Buckminster can replace that with dedicated data. The data to be used can be modified in the .properties file passed to buckminster actions.

To use version information:
... will use last revision. Eg creates: com.example.myplugin_1.0.0.r1234 for revision 1234.

To use build date:
... uses a timestamp with some constant text ('I', '-'). Eg creates com.example.myplugin_1.0.0.I20110920-1408

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Just what I needed, though a few more examples would help.