Friday, October 25, 2013

Eclipse scripting on steroids

A few months ago I released eScript, a scripting framework for the Eclipse IDE. Since then a lot of things happened. eScript was chosen by Polarsys to be used as a scripting layer for their products. So we joined forces and the project flourished and learned new tricks every day.

Now we have jython integration working, a full featured JavaScript debugger (which allows to access native Java classes used in your scripts) and an awesome UI integration. We not only have launchers for workspace files, but the possibility to attach scripts directly to context menus.

To add a new feature to eclipse you now write a short script, hook it into the UI and use it immediately without even restarting. It has never been so easy to extend Eclipse functionality.

Furthermore we pushed the project to eclipse and found a home at the e4 incubator. If you ever were interested in scripting your IDE or RCP this is your chance to contribute, propose features or simply try it out and amaze us with what you can do with EASE!

Interested? See

Or even better:

attend my "Scripting, baby!" session at EclipseCon Europe next Wednesday at 5pm.


  1. Hi, do you intend publishing slides or video from EclipseCon?

    I'm keen to learn more about the project, and it would be great for the community to capture the effort you invested in the materials.